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Chinese Paintings from Japanese Collections

Little, Stephen

Filled with magnificent examples of Chinese paintings from four dynasties, spanning the 8th through the 17th century, this book traces Japan's role in preserving part of China's cultural heritage. Exploring a high point in the cultural exchange between China and Japan, this volume presents ...

  2013中国重要考古发现 国家文物局
2013 Zhongguo zhongyao kaogu faxian
[Major Archaeological Discoveries in China in 2013]
State Administration of Cultural Heritage

This book provides an overview of 51 of the most important archaeological excavations throughout China during the year 2012. For each excavation site, explanatory text in both Chinese and English is accompanied by detailed photographs of the site and examples of artifacts unearthed there. An ...

A Fuller View of China: Chinese Art in the Seattle Art Museum

Yiu, Josh

This book is the first to chronicle and analyze the growth of the collection of Chinese art at the Seattle Museum of Art, which was largely assembled during the first half of the twentieth century. The main figure behind this story is the founding director Dr. Richard Fuller (1897-1976), who ...

  翡色出高丽:韩国康津高丽青瓷特展 沈琼华
Exhibition of Goryeo Celadon Wares from Gangjin of Korea
Feise Chu Gaoli: Hanguo Kangjin Gaoli Qingci Tezhan
Shen, Qionghua

This nicely illustrated exhibition catalog showcases more than 100 pieces of Korean celadon wares spanning the 10th century to modern times.

Hidden Meanings of Love and Death in Chinese Painting: Selections from the Marilyn and Roy Papp Collection
Exhibition April 27 to September 2, 2013
Lee, Chun-yi

Love and death - two of life’s most essential experiences - have long been themes explored in art. While portrayals of love and death in Western art has received much attention, these themes and their appearance in Chinese art, particularly in Chinese literati painting, has gone largely ...
  Transience: Chinese Experimental Art at the End of the Twentieth Century

Wu, Hung

This volume is a groundbreaking and timely exhibition organized by The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Chicago. Guest curator Wu Hung, a leading expert on ancient and contemporary Chinese art, identified three critical aspects of current artistic production in China and tightly focused the ...

金辉玉德:西安博物院藏金银器玉器精粹 西安博物馆
Jin Hui Yu De: Xi'an Bowuyuan cang Jinyinqi Yuqi Jingcui
[Selected Gold, Silver and Jade from the Collection of the Xi'an Musuem]
Xi'an Museum

Xi'an, known as Chang'an, was once the center of gold and jade culture with the local jade from Lantian being the most famous. This volume presents 141 pieces of gold, silver and jade wares selected from over 10,000 museum treasures, standing as a reflection of the flourishing time of the city ...

  中国兵器甲胄图典 魏兵
Zhongguo Bingqi Jiazhou Tudian
[Illustrations of Chinese Armor and Weaponry]
Wei, Bing

This volume presenting more than 800 illustrations comprehensively offers the readers an overview of the history and culture of Chinese armor and weaponry.


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Arts of Asia March-April 2014

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Textiles Asia Journal May 2014 Volume 6, Issue 1

International Netsuke Society
International Netsuke Society Journal Volume 33 No. 4 Winter 2014


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