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收藏家 21 1997.01
Collectors 21 1997.01
Shoucangjia 21 1997.01
8.2 x 11.2", 64 pp., fully illustrated, text in Chinese, paper, Beijing, 1997.
  • Jade Mask of Prince Jibei of Western Han Dynasty Excavated at Changqing, Shandong Province by Ren Xianghong
  • The Guan Procelain of the Song Dynasty and its Imitations by Feng Xianming, Feng Xiaoqi
  • The Bowl with Round - Butterfly Design in Famille Rose, Qing Dynasty, and its Imitations Enameled in Republic of China (1912-1949)
  • The Paintings and Calligraphy faked by Zhang Daqian under the Name of Shi Tao and Bada Shanren by Pan Shenliang
  • Lam Ying's Style of Painting and How to Appraise it by Wang Xiaomei
  • The Style of Furniture of the Yuan Dynasty by Zhang Dexiang
  • Ornamental Slab for Paving the Floor of the Tang Dynasty by Yang Hong
  • The Statue of Ancient Tudian Buddha in the Ming Dynasty by Luo Wenhua
  • Elegant Furniture of Red Sandalwood by Ma Weidu
  • Porcelain Produced in the Civilian Kiln at Yinkangwu in Jingdezhen During the Reigns of Zhengtong, Jiangtai and Tianshun of the Ming Dynasty by Zhao Ronghua
  • The Emperors of the Qing Dynasty Used to Write Auspicious Words on the Lunar New Year's Day by Mao Xianmin
  • The Epitaph for Diao Gong Found in a Double - Layered Wall by Chong Zhi
  • Celadon Figurines of the Western Jin Dynasty Excavated at Xiaoshan by Shi Jianong
  • An On-the-Spot Report of the Beijing Hanhai Auction of Snuff Bottles by Zhao Yu
  • Ancient Chinese Ceramics in the Collection of National Museum, Tokyo, Japan by Li Jingjie
  • A Study of the Date of Chen Jizhi's Painting" A Meeting for Concluding Treaties at Bian Qiao by Yu Hui
  • The Seals of Fukuoka Tessai by Liu Xiaolu
  • Different Views on the "Qing Yuan Tong Bao"(Coins Circulated in Qingyuan's Reign) in the Last One Hundred and Forty Years by Tang Shifu
  • A Catalogue of Book in Liu Tang Ren Studio(Part IV) Zhu Jiajin


  • Price $15.00
    Item # 14621
    Collectors (收藏家)
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