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The Heibonsha Survey of Japanese Art (31 Volumes)
7.25 x 9.25", 31 Volumes, various number of pages, fully illustrated in color and b/w, cloth, d.j., New York, various dates from 1972 to 1980. (o.p.; scarce as a complete set, sl wear to d.j., text near fine) **Due to size and weight, shipping rate will depend on destination of country**
  • 1. Major Themes in Japanese Art by Itsuji Yoshikawa
  • 2. The Beginnings of Japanese Art by Namio Egami
  • 3. Shinto Art:Ise and Izumo Shrines by Yasutada Watanabe
  • 4. Asuka Buddhist Art: Horyu-ji by Seiichi Mizuno
  • 5. Nara Buddhist Art: Todai-ji by Takeshi Kobayashi
  • 6. The Silk Road and the Shoso-in by Ryoichi Hayashi
  • 7. Temples of Nara and Their Art by Minoru Ooka
  • 8. Art in Japanese Esoteric Buddhism by Takaaki Sawa
  • 9. Heian Temples: Byodo-in and Chuson-ji by Toshio Fukyama
  • 10. Painting in the Yamato Style by Saburo Ienaga
  • 11. Sculpture of the Kamakura Period by Hisashi Mori
  • 12. Japanese Ink Painting: Shubun to Seeshu by Ichimatsu Tanaka
  • 13. Feudal Architecture of Japan by Kiyoshi Hirai
  • 14. Momoyama Decorative Painting by Tsugiyoshi Doi
  • 15. Japanese Arts and the Tea Ceremony by T. Hayashiya, M. Nakamura and S. Hayashiya
  • 16. Japanese Costume and Textile Arts by Seiroku Noma
  • 17. Momoyama Genre Painting by Yuzo Yamane
  • 18. Edo Painting: Sotatsu and Korin by Hiroshi Mizuo
  • 19. The Namba Art of Japan by Yoshitomo Okamoto
  • 20. Edo Architecture: Katsura and Nikko by Naomi Okawa
  • 21. Traditional Domestic Architecture of Japan by Teiji Itoh
  • 22. Traditional Woodblock Prints of Japan by Seiichiro Takahashi
  • 23. Japanese Painting in the Literati Style by Yoshiho Yonezawa and Chu Yoshizawa
  • 24. Modern Currents in Japanese Art by Michiaki Kawakita
  • 25. Japanese Art in World Perspective by Toru Terada
  • 26. Folk Arts and Crafts of Japan by Kageo Muraoka and Kichiemon Okamura
  • 27. The Art of Japanese Calligraphy by Yujiro Nakata
  • 28. The Garden Art of Japan by Masao Hayakawa
  • 29. The Art of Japanese Ceramics by Tsugio Mikami
  • 30. Japanese Art: A Cultural Appreciation by Saburo Ienaga
  • 31. General Index


  • Price $1,100.00
    Item # 18337
    ISBN 0834810034
    Weatherhill, Inc.
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