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Elegant Perfection: Masterpieces of Courtly and Religious Art from the Tokyo National Museum
McCormick, Melissa & Tokyo National Museum

Price $45.00
文物光华 1 国立故宫博物院
Wenwu Guanghua 1 [Highlights of Cultural Relics 1]
National Palace Museum

Price $65.00
The Arts of China to AD 900 (Softcover)
Watson, William

Price $38.00
Oriental Works of Art: Wedneday, December 9, 1992
Oriental Art Gallery

Price $50.00
Eternal China: Splendors from the First Dynasties (Hardcover)
Li, Jian & Erickson, Susan N. & Liu, Qingzhu & Yue, Hongbin & Du, Jinpeng

Price $25.00
The Index of Inro Artists Edited by Joe Earle
Wrangham, E. A.

Price $125.00
Substance and Symbol in Chinese Toggles (Softcover) With a Catalogue of the C.F. Bieber Collection
Cammann, Schuyler

Price $40.00