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The following book is available at Paragon Book Gallery. You may find out more about this book and other titles on Asian arts by visiting Paragon Book Gallery's web site at

Vietnamese Ceramics : A Separate Tradition
Stevenson, John & Guy, John

9 x 12", 432 pp., 500 color illustrations, appendix, bibliography, index, cloth, d.j., Chicago, 1997. **Due to its size and weight, the shipping cost is $9.95(USA address) and $25.00 (non-USA address)

Vietnamese ceramics exhibit a unique combination of indigenous
creativity plus elements derived from other cultures such as China,
Cambodia, Champa, and India. Decorative motifs, glaze types, production
methods, perhaps even attitudes toward potting, differed distinctly from
those of China. Using excellent clay from the Red River Valley--smooth,
homogenous, gray-white--the Vietnamese created the most sophisticated
ceramics in Southeast Asia.

The most definitive study of Vietnamese
ceramics to date, this volume is a collaborative effort from experts
around the world, including Vietnam, Japan, England, France, and the
United States. Tracing the history and development of Vietnamese
ceramics, the scholars examine the kiln sites of Vietnam, study
techniques, and systematically categorize the field according to
different traditions that had profound influence on the production of
ceramics in Vietnam.

Essays include: Vietnamese Ceramics and Cultural Identity by John Guy The Evolution of Vietnamese Ceramics by John Stevenson Vietnamese Ceramics in International Trade by John Guy Vietnamese Ceramics in Japanese Contexts by Louise Allison CortKilns of North Vietnam by Morimoto Asako From Prehistory to Han by Philippe Truong Ivory-Glazed Wares of Ly and Tran by John Stevenson Vietnamese Celadons and Their Relationships to the Celadons of Southern China by Peter Lam Vietnamese Blue-and-White and Related Wares by Regina Krahl Ceramics Used in Buddhist Context by Trian Nguyen

Item # 2316
ISBN 1878529226