The Future and the Past: A Translation and study of the Gukansho, an interpretative history of Japan written in 1219

University of California Press. 6.25 x 9.5", xiv, 479 pp., footnotes, glossary, bibliography, index, cloth, d.j., Berkeley, 1979. (o.p.; fine). Item #13524
ISBN: 0520034600

This is the first complete translation of the Gukansho, the earliest known attempt in East Asia to demonstrate that political events in a country are driven along a particular course by supernatural powers and divine beings. Written shortly before the 1221 outbreak of a civil war between the old aristocratic court in Kyoto and the new military government in Kamakura, this historical classic was intended to explain why the state had become so disturbed and what should be done to restore order and stability.

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