The Country and People of Siam. Karl Dohring.

The Country and People of Siam

White Lotus. 8.3 x 11.7", 206 pp., 142 b/w plates, paper, Bangkok, 1999. Item #15422
ISBN: 9748434877

This is the first English translation of Siam, Land und Volk, accompanied by 142 pages of original photos. The architect Karl Dohring lived and worked in Siam during King Chulalongkorn's Reign. He was involved in many different projects for the king as well as for the government departments and institutions. His professional training enabled him to observe with a sharp eye. His introductory text of 36 pages is brief but profound. He deals with the following topics: the country, waterways, population, character of the Thais, family life, agriculture, the legal system, cremations, court life and festivities, music and theater.

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