Patterns of Disengagement: The Practice and Portrayal of Reclusion in Early Medieval China

Stanford University Press. 6.25 x 9.25", xii, 296 pp., detailed footnotes, bibliography, Character list, index, cloth, d.j., Stanford, 2000. Item #15440
ISBN: 0804736030

This book reveals that those who opted for a life of reclusion had a variety of motivations for their decisions and conducted widely divergent ways of life. The lives of these men epitomize the distinctive nature of substantive reclusion, differentiating them from those of the intelligentsia who, on occasion, voiced their desire for disengagement or for retreat, but who nevertheless found or retained their places in government offices. The author places the recluse and reclusion within the social, political, intellectual, religious, and literary contexts of the times.

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