The Blue Book of Coastal Vessels: Thailand. R. D. Holbrook, Manob Suriya.

The Blue Book of Coastal Vessels: Thailand

White Lotus. 11 x 8.6", limited reprint of 200 copies, 430 pp., fully illustrated in b/w, hardboard, Bangkok, 2000. Item #15488
ISBN: 9747534347

This book is an exhaustive study of the wooden-hulled fishing boats in the Gulf of Thailand and in the Andaman Sea. It was originally designed as an identification aid for military personnel to locate suspicious boats during the Vietnam War period (1967). But this book is much wider in scope. It gives researchers in marine studies a wealth of information: boat types, technical data, fish species available in the gulf, etc. Many things may have changed with the decline of fish stocks due to over-fishing, destruction of mangroves, or pollution.

The first part of the book gives the history and religious influences on boat operations, fishing areas and techniques. The second part describes the classes and types of wooden-hulled coastal vessels. This book is an indespensable tool for anyone who wants to make comparative studies of the coastal fishing industry or boat building in the region.

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