Artibus Asiae Vol. XXXII, 2/3

Artibus Asiae. 9.25 x 13", pp. 105 to 238, 63 b/w plates, footnotes, paper, Ascona, 1970. (o.p.; very good). Item #17397


  • The Former Broadley Collection, Bihar Sharif by Frederick M. Asher
  • A Vamana Temple at Marhia and some Reflections on Gupta Architecture by Pramod Chandra
  • Tsung Ping's Comments on Landscape Painting by Leon Hurvitz < li> A Long Roll of Buddhist Images. II. (Revised by Alexander C. Soper) by Helen B. Chapin
  • A Problematical Chinese Bronze Vessel, The Ku that was "too good to be true" by Alexander C. Soper
  • Farewell Paintings of China: Chinese Gifts to Japanese Visitors by Miyeko Murase
  • Bibliographia: Kokuho, "National Treasures of Japan". (In 6 sections), reviewed by Alexander C. Soper; Maruo, Shosaburo; Mori, Hisashi, and others: Zozo meiji (Inscribed and Dated Images); the Heian period portion of a series entitled Nihon chokoku shi keseki shiryo shusei (A Corpus of Reference Materials for the History of Japanese Sculpture), reviewed by Alexander C. Soper; Mayuyama, Junkichi, ed.: Japanese Art in the West, reviewed by Alexander C. Soper.

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