Artibus Asiae Vol. XXXIII, 3

Artibus Asiae. 9.25 x 13", pp. 163 to 242, 23 b/ plates, footnotes, paper, Ascona, 1971. (o.p.; very good). Item #17402


  • Frontispiece of Bohmu Ba Shin (photograph)
  • Bohmu Ba Shin 1914- 1970 by Nai Pan Hla, Rangoon
  • Pagan, Wetkyi-in Kubyaul-gyi, An Early Burmese Temple with Ink-glosses by Col. Ba Shin K. J. Whitbread, G. H. Luce et al
  • Some Seventeenth-century Images from Burma by Jane Terry Bailey
  • Bibliographia: Ba Shin, Lokahteikpan, Early Burmese Culture in a Pagan Temple. Published by the Burma Historical Commission, Rangoon, 1962, reviewed by A. B. Griswold and Nai Pan Hla; Gordon H. Luce, Old Burma- Early Pagan (= Artibus Asiae Supplementum 25), reviewed by Jane Terry Bailey; Sherman E. Lee, Ancient Cambodgian Sculpture, reviewed by Albert Le Bonheur.

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