Artibus Asiae Vol. XXXV, 3

Artibus Asiae. 9.25 x 13", pp. 179 to 302, 5 color plates, 79 b/w plates, line drawings, footnotes, paper, Ascona, 1973. (o.p.; vg). Item #17612


  • Notes on the Art of Siam, No. 7, An Eighteenth-century Monastery, Its Colossal Statute, and Its Benefactors by A.B. Griswold
  • A Recut Asokan Capital and the Gupta Attitude Towards the Past by Joanna Williams
  • A Reassessment of the Tuti-Nama Illustrations in the Cleveland Museum of Art (and Related Problems on Earliest Mughal Paintings and Painters by Anand Krishna
  • Some Nepalese Stone Sculptures: Further Notes by Mary Shepherd Slusser and Gautamavajra Vajracarya
  • Senarat Paranavitana 1896-1972 by Marcus Fernando
  • Heian Sculpture at the Tokyo National Museum, A Review-article, Part I by Donald F. McCallum
  • Bibliographia: Tokyo Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan, ed., Tokubetsu-ten Zuroku: Heian-jidai no Chokoku ("Illustrated Catalogue of the Special Exhibition, Sculpture of the Heian Period") Benrido, Tokyo, 1962 reviewed by Donald F. McCallen; John F. Haskins, Imperial Carpets from Peking, Exhibition Catalogue, University Art Gallery, Henry Clay Frick Fine Arts Building, University of Pittsburg, 1973, reviewed by Jean Mailey; H.A. Lorentz, A View of Chinese Rugs from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century, reviewed by Jean Mailey; Gunther Debon and Chou Chun-shan: Lob der Naturtreue, Das Hsiao-shan hua-p'u des Tsou I-kuei (1686-1772) by Max Loehr; J. Edward Kidder, Prehistoric Japanese Arts: Jomon Pottery reviewed by Donald F. McCallum.

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