Artibus Asiae Vol. XXXVII, 1/2

Artibus Asiae. 9.25 x 13", 164 pp., 91 b/w plates, map, footnotes, paper, Ascona, 1975. (o.p.; vg). Item #17621


  • Li Sung and Some Aspects of Southern Sung Figure Painting by Ellen Johnston Liang
  • Brief Survey of Early Chinese Glazed Wares by Yutaka Mino
  • Meditations on a Black Sun. Speculations on Illusionist Tendencies in T'ang Painting Based on Chemical Changes in Pigments by Peter Glum
  • Kunst im Lan Na Thai (5): Die Glocke in der Hohle bei Chiang Dao by Hans Penth
  • Propitious-Apotropaic Erocticism in the Art of Orissa by Thomas Donaldson
  • A Sunga Capital from Vidisa by Donald Stadtner
  • A Dhyana-yoga Mahesamurti, and Some Reflections on the Iconography of the Mahesamurti images by Krishna Kumar
  • Bibliographia: Judith L. Treistman, The Prehistory of China: An Archaeological Exploration, reviewed by Alexander C. Soper; Sir Percival David tr. and ed., Chinese Connoisseurship (The Ko Ku Yao Lum: The Essential Criteria of Antiquities, reviewed by Hsio-Yen Shih; Chinese Fans (from the Collection of Dr. and Mrs. Franco Vannotti of Lugano) with a foreword by Wang Chi-ch'uan, reviewed by Chu-tsing Li; T.C. Lai, T'ang Yin: Poet/painter, 1470-1524, with "T'ang Yin: A Recent Study" by Dr. Chu-tsing Li and "Some Comments on the Art of T'ang Yin" by Chuang Shen, reviewed by Celia Carrington Riely; Edmund Capon and William MacQuitty, Princes of Jade, reviewed by Alexander C. Soper; Michael Sullivan, The Arts of China, reviewed by Alexander C. Soper; Edouard Chavannes and Elaine Spaulding Atwood: The Five Happinesses: Symbolism in Chinese Popular Art by Schuyler Cammann; Stanley J. O'Connor, Jr., Hindu Gods of Peninsular Siam by Forrest McGill; Yoshitomo Okamoto: Namban Art of Japan, transl. by Ronald K. Jones, reviewed by Elizabeth de Sabato Swinton; Seiichiro Takahashi, Traditional Woodblock Prints of Japan, trans. by Richard Stanley-Baker, reviewed by Elizabeth de Sabat Swinton; Mizuo Hiroshi, Edo Painting: Sotatsu and Korin, reviewed by Penelope Mason; Prince Illango Adigal, Shilappadikaram (The Ankle Bracelet), transl. by Alain Danielou, reviewed by Elizabeth S. Rosen; Islamic Art in the Metropolitan Museum of Art ed. by Richard Ettinghausen, reviewed by Yolande Crowe; Richard Ettinghausen, From Byzantium to Sasanian Iran and the Islamic World, Three Modes of Artistic Influence by Donald N. Wilber; R. Nath, The Immortal Tai Mahal, The Evolution of the Tomb in Mughal Architecture by Donald N. Wilber.

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