Artibus Asiae Vol. XXXIX, 3/4

Artibus Asiae. 9.25 x 13", pp. 165 to 338, 158 b/w plates, b/w line drawings, footnotes, paper, Ascona, 1977. (o.p.; vg). Item #17629


  • P'an-lung-ch'eng: A Shang City in Hupei by Robert W. Bagley
  • Kings and Heroes: Western-style Painting in Momoyama Japan by Grace A.H. Vlam
  • Wooden Windows of Nepal - An Illustrated Analysis by Ronald M. Bernier
  • The Marwar Murals by Ramavatar Agarwala
  • The Mausoleum of Sher Shah Suri by Catherine B. Asher
  • A Brass Vessel from the Tomb of Sayyid Battal Ghazi. Notes on the interpretation of thirteenth-century Islamic imagery by Eva Baer
  • Bibliographia: H.G. Quaritch Wales, The Malay Peninsula in Hindu Times, reviewed by Stanley J. O'Connor.

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