Ars Orientalis: Archibald Gibson Wenley Memorial Volume V 1963

Ars Orientalis. 9 x 12", 354 pp., b/w frontis of Archibald Gibson Wenley, b/w plates with some fold out plates, b/w figures, footnotes, cloth, Ann Arbor, 1963. (o.p.; sl bumped corners, pen marks front endpaper, text near fine). Item #18401


  • Archibald G. Wenley, An Appreciation by John A. Pope
  • Achaemenid and Sassanian Cut Glass by Axel Von Saldern
  • The Umayyad Palace at 'Anjar by Maurice Chehab
  • Recherches sur la Mosquee al-Aqsa et ses Mosaiques by Henri Stern
  • Tulunidische Lusterfayence by Rudolph Schnyder
  • Some Thoughts on the Problems of Early Oriental Carpets by Agnes Geijer
  • Three Miniatures from Fustat in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York by Ernest J. Grube
  • A Newly Discovered Illustrated Manuscript of the Maqamat of Hariri by Oleg Grabar
  • Les Bois de l'Ancien Cenotaphe de Khalid ibn al-Walid a Hims by Abu-l-Faradj Al-'Ush
  • Two Miniatures from the Collections of Topkapi by Emel Esin
  • Some Miniatures of the Jami'al-Tavarikh in Istanbul, Topkapi Museum, Hazine Library No. 1654 by Guner Inal
  • 'Ishrat-Khaneh and Ak-Saray, Two Timurid Mausoleums in Samarkand by G.A. Pugachenkova
  • Neue Arbeiten zur Turkischen Keramik by Kurt Erdmann
  • Mughal and Deccani Miniature Paintings from a Private Collection by Stuart C. Welch
  • Indo-Islamic Figural Sculpture by Hermann Goetz
  • A Study of Hsu Wei by Yu-Ho Tseng
  • Ch'en Hsien, Painter of Lohans by Aschwin Lippe
  • Yuan Chiang and His School by James Cahill
  • The Masanobu Tradition of Courtesans of the Three Cities by Robert T. Paine
  • The Term Ming-ch'i by Derk Bodde
  • Neuere Untersuchungen zur Frage der Kairener Teppiche by Kurt Erdmann
  • 18 Book Reviews
  • In Memoriam: James Marshall Plumer by Harold P. Stern
  • In Memoriam: Bibliography of the Writings of James Marshall Plumer by Bertha M. Usilton
  • In Memoriam: The James Marshall Plumer Collection of Oriental Art by Walter Spink
  • In Memoriam: Leopoldo Torres Balbas by Henri Terrasse.

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