Ars Orientalis: This Volume is dedicated to the memomy of Rutherford John Gettens Volume XI 1979. Ars Orientalis.

Ars Orientalis: This Volume is dedicated to the memomy of Rutherford John Gettens Volume XI 1979

Ars Orientalis. 9 x 12", xii, 328 pp., b/w frontis of Rutherford John Gettens (1900-1974), b/w plates, b/w figures, footnotes, cloth, Ann Arbor, 1979. (fine). Item #18409


  • Foreword, Abstracts
  • Pigments Used in Japanese Painting from the Protohistoric Period through the 19th Century by Kazuo Yamasaki and Yoshimichi Emoto
  • The Scroll Painting by Kenzo Toishi
  • A Pigment Census of Japanese Ukiyo-e Paintings in the Freer Gallery of Art by Elisabeth West FitzHugh
  • Urushi and Conservation: The Use of Japanese Lacquer in the Restoration of Japanese Art by Steven Weintraub, Kanya Tsujimoto and Sadae Walters
  • Notes on the Uses of Cobalt in Later Chinese Ceramics by James C.Y. Watt
  • Lead Isotopes in Some Japanese and Chinese Glasses by Robert H. Brill, Kazuo Yamasaki, I. Lynus Barnes, K.J.R. Rosman, and Migdalia Diaz
  • The Provenance of Early Islamic Lustre Wares by Jay D. Frierman, Frank Asaro, and Helen V. Michel
  • Decor Replication in Two Late Chou Bronze Chien by Barbara W. Keyser
  • Techniques of Silversmithing in the Hormizd II Plate by Donald F. Gibbons, Katharine C. Ruhl and Dorothy G. Shepherd
  • The Metallurgical Technique of the Silver 'Plate with Figures', Gupta Period by Donald F. Gibbons and Katharine C. Ruhl
  • Gravimetric and Spectrographic Analysis of Some Ancient Chinese Copper Alloys by Earle R. Caley, In Soon Moon Chang and Nilufer Paranyi Woods
  • Non-destructive X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Ancient Bronze Mirros Excavated in Japan by Masaaki Sawada
  • Early Chinese Black Mirrors and Pattern-etched Weapons by W.T. Chase and Ursula Martius Franklin
  • Studies on the Iron Blade of a Shang Dynasty Bronze Yueh-axe Unearthed at Kao-ch'eng, Hopei, China by Li Chung
  • The Techniques of the Japanese Tsuba-maker by Elaine I. Savage and Cyril Stanley Smith.

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