Ars Orientalis: A Special Issue on Pre-Modern Islamic Palaces guest edited by Gulru Necipoglu Volume XXIII 1993

University of Michigan Press. 8.5 x 11", 342 pp., b/w plates, figures, plans, notes, paper, Ann Arbor, 1993. Item #18468


  • Introduction: An Outline of Shifting Paradigms in the Palatial Architecture of the Pre-Modern Islamic World by Gulru Necipoglu
  • Part I: Palaces of the Ancient Near East and the Late Antique Mediterranean World
  • "Seat of Kingship"/"A Wonder to Behold": The Palace as Construct in the Ancient Near East by Irene J. Winter
  • The Sasanian Palaces and Their Influence in Early Islam by Lionel Bier
  • Late-Antique Palaces: The Meaning of Urban Context by Slobodan Curcic
  • Part 2: Palaces of the Early Islamic Caliphates (Seventh-Tenth Centuries)
  • Umayyad Palaces Reconsidered by Oleg Grabar
  • Solomon's Throne/Solomon's Bath: Model or Metaphor? by Priscilla P. Soucek
  • The Qubbat al-Khadra and the Iconography of Height in Early Islamic Architecture by Jonathan M. Bloom
  • An Interpretation of the Palace of the Caliph at Samarra (Dar al-Khilafa or Jawsaq al-Khaqani) by Alastair Northedge
  • Arabifc Poetry and Architectural Memory in al-Andalus by D.F. Ruggles
  • Part 3: Palaces of the Seljuq Successor States (Eleventh-Fourteenth Centuries)
  • Circles of Power: Palace, Citadel, and City in Ayyubud Aleppo by Yasser Tabbaa
  • Mamluk Throne Halls: Qubba or Iwan? by Nasser Rabbat
  • Thirteenth-Century Rum Seljuq Palaces and Palace Imagery by Scott Redford
  • Part 4: Palaces of the Mongols and Their Successors (Thirteenth-Eighteenth Centuries)
  • The Ilkhanid Palace by Sheila S. Blair
  • From Tenths to Pavilions: Royal Mobility and Persian Palace Design by Bernard O'Kane
  • Safavid Palaces by Wolfram Kleiss
  • Sub-Imperial Palaces: Power and Authority in Mughal India by Catherine R. Asher
  • Framing the Gaze in Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Palaces by Gulru Necipoglu.

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