The Origin of the Buddha Image. Ananda K. Coomaraswamy.

The Origin of the Buddha Image

Munshiram Manoharial. 8.7 x 11.4", 3rd printing, 43 pp., 73 b/w illustrations, hardboard, d.j., New Delhi, 2001. Item #19692
ISBN: 8121502225

This volume is a detailed study and analysis of the controversial problem. In the present monograph, with his usual acumen and deep understanding of the subject, Coommaraswamy has lad bare the facts which clearly know that the Buddha image was a product of the Indian mind. In this detailed excursus, he has discussed the problem not only with a view to prove that the Buddha image originated out of the pre-existing Indian forms, but has also taken pains to disprove the theories of those scholars with whom ''Indo-Greek art has become a veritable obsession''.

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