Thai Mother-of-Pearl Inlay. Julathusana Byachrananda.

Thai Mother-of-Pearl Inlay

River Books. 9.75 x 8.75", 183 pp., 300 color illustrations, appendix, further reading, glossary, cloth, d.j., Bangkok, 2001. Item #19782
ISBN: 9748225631

Over the past 500 years Thai mother-of-pearl inlay work has developed a distinctive and beautiful style. Used for a wide variety of decorative purposes, items have included doors and windows for temples, palace thrones and precious objects such as monks alm bowls or boxes.

This book gathers together some of the best examples of mother-in-pearl inlay from the Ayutthaya period onwards, as well as explaining the various stages in the inlay process and illustrating its fascinating history with superlative photography.

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