Trees and Fruits of Southeast Asia: An Illustrated Field Guide. Michael Jensen.

Trees and Fruits of Southeast Asia: An Illustrated Field Guide

Orchid Press. 4.8 x 9.4", 234 pp., over 100 color drawings, paper, Bangkok, 2001. Item #21069
ISBN: 9748304671

This field guide to commonly cultivated trees in Southeast Asia is beautifully illustrated by the author's watercolors, and will be an invaluable help for those interested to know more about the domesticated trees and fruits which one finds all over Southeast Asia. The book contains useful diagrams and explanations of the botanical characteristics of different groups of trees, key characteristics of each tree and maps showing their geographical distributions. Names in local languages are given along with English names and scientific botanical names. Some ethnobotanical information on the usage of different parts of the trees is also included. For fruit lovers, a 'fruit calendar' showing the seasonal availability of common fruits in Thailand is included, but with space for the reader to not the fruit seasons for their own locality.

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