The Ch'en Ni Fu-tray: Problems of Identification in the Study of Forgery

14 x 8.5", pp. 439 to 525, plus a 28 page xerox rebuttal of Dr. Noel Barnard's theories, paper, in a pressboard binder, xerox from an article from Monumenta Serica XXX 1972-1973. (some pages are clearer than others). Item #22111

Included are:

  • The Mao Kung Ting: A Major Bronze vessel of the Western Chou Period, A Rebutta of Dr. Noel Barnard's Theories by Chang Kuang-yuan, translated by John Marney
  • Some Remarks on the Authenticity of a Western Chou Style Inscribed Bronze by Noel Barnard
  • A Recently Excavated Inscribed Bronze of the Reign of King Mu of Chou by Noel Barnard
  • The Incidence of Forgery amongst Archaic Chinese Bronzes, Some Preliminary notes by Noel Barnard.

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