Archives of Asian Art Volume 16 1962

Archives of Asian Art. 9 x 12", 124 pp., some b/w prints, paper, New York, 1962. Item #23395


  • Piece-mold Craftsmanship and Shang Bronze Design by Wilma Fairbank
  • Embroidery Techniques in Old China by Schuyler Cammann
  • Two Stalae and a Pagoda on the Central Peak, Mt. Sung by Alexander Soper
  • The Oberlin Orchid and the Problem of P'u-ming by Chu-tsing Li
  • Some Rocks in Early Chinese Painting by James Cahill
  • Brief Notices: A Chinese Buddhist Pewter with a Ming Date by John Pope, The Pazyryk Chanfrons, the T'ao-t'ieh and Late Chou China by John Haskins, The Bamboo Root Burial Jar by Paul Singer, An Unusual Chinese Tomb Figure by Henry Trubner, Some Lacquer Fragments from Ku Wei-ts'un by Robert Peer
  • Oriental Art Recently Acquired by American Museums
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