Archives of Asian Art Volume 23 1969-1970

Archives of Asian Art. 9 x 12", 87 pp., some b/w plates, paper, New York, 1970. Item #23405


  • Additions and Replacements in Early Chalukya Temples by Aschwin Lippe
  • Some Interesting South Indian Bronzes by Pratapaditya Pal
  • The Wata-da-ge in Ceylon, The Circular-Relic-House of Polonnaruva and Its Antecedents by Diran K. Dohanian
  • Early Activity at Amaravati by Vidya Deheijia
  • Brief Notice: A Ming Blue and White Incense Burner with a T'ai Ch'ang Mark by Philip Wen-Chee Mao
  • Arts of Asia Recently Acquired by American Museums, 1968.

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