Archives of Asian Art Volume 25 1971- 1972

Asia Society. 9 x 12", 120 pp., some b/w plates, paper, New York, 1972. Item #23407


  • The Export of Chinese Lacquer to Japan in the Yuan and Early Ming Dynasties by Harry M. Garner
  • Graeco-Bactrian Art and Gandhara: Khalchayan and the Gandhara Bodhisattvas by Benjamin Rowland, Jr.
  • The Dating of Chinese Bronze Mirrors by A. Gutkind Bulling and Isabella Drew
  • Three Dated Nepali Bronzes and Their Stylistic Significance by Pratapaditya Pal
  • Pre-Angkor Period Bronzes from Pra Kon Chai by Emma C. Bunker
  • Scrollwork in Medieval Orissan Art by Anita K. G. Pearlroth
  • The Tartar Screens and Kano Soshu by Yoshiko Kakudo
  • Art of Asia Recently Acquired by American Museums, 1970.

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