Archives of Asian Art Volume 27 1973-1974

Archives of Asian Art. 9 x 12", 125 pp., some b/w plates, paper, New York, 1974. Item #23409


  • Retirement: Gordon B. Washburn
  • Ch'an Portraits in a Landscape by Helmut Brinker
  • Some Notes on Porcelain of the Cheng-T'ung Period by Chaoying Fang
  • A Brahmanical Triad from Kashmir and Some Related Icons by Pratapaditya Pal
  • The Portrait of a Woman of the Late Ming- Early Ch'ing Period: Madame Ho-tung by Robert J. Maeda
  • The Bamboo Paintings of Chin Nung by Chu-tsing Li
  • A Preliminary Report on the Siva Temple at Kusuma by Michael W. Meister
  • Art of Asia Recently Acquired by American Museums, 1972
  • Friends of Asia House Gallery.

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