Archives of Asian Art Volume 29 1975-1976

Archives of Asian Art. 9 x 12", 120 pp., some b/w plates, paper, New York, 1976. Item #23413


  • Friends of Asia House Gallery
  • Shih K'o and the I-p'in by Alexander C. Soper
  • A Field Report on Temples at Kusuma by Michael W. Meister
  • The So- Called Proto-Siva Seal from Mohenjo-daro: An Iconological Assessment by Doris Srinivasan
  • Yen-sou's Plum Blossoms: Speculations on Style, Date, and Artist's Identity by Hin-cheung Lovell
  • On the Antiquity of Nepalese Metalcraft by Mary Shepherd Slusser
  • Brief Notices: Horace H. F. Jayne (1898-1975), Pratapaditya Pal: Sequel to "A Brahmanical Triad from Kashmir..."
  • Art of Asia Acquired by North American Museums, 1974-1975.

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