Museum and Picture Gallery Baroda Bulletin XV. B. L. Mankad.

Museum and Picture Gallery Baroda Bulletin XV

Government Press and Stationery Dept. Baroda. 8.5 x 10.75", 62 pp. text plus 31 b/w plates, paper, Baroda, 1962. (o.p.; frayed top/bottom spine, wear to corners). Item #24742


  • A Stylistic Study of Uttaradhyayan Sutra Ms. dated 1591 A.D. in the Museum and Picture Gallery, Baroda by Rai Ananda Krishna
  • Two Manuscripts illustrated in the Western Indian style during Hiravijaya Suri's time - Abhidhananamamala and Uttaradhyayan Sutra by M. R. Majmudar
  • Dwarfs from Samalaji in Baroda Museum by T.V.G. Sastri
  • Three Sculptures from Karvan by R.N. Mehta
  • Two Stone inscriptions from the old Idar State Territories by B.L. Mankad
  • Funerary Figurines of Ancient China by H. Goetz
  • Two new introductory show-cases in the Geological section of the Baroda Museum by P.G. Gupte
  • Conservation of an Akota Bronzes by S.K. Bhowmik.

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