Ethnographical Album of the Pacific Islands. James Edge-Partington.

Ethnographical Album of the Pacific Islands

S.D.I, 1996. Hardcover. 13 x 13.3", reprint of 1890-1898 ed., approx. over 800 pp., numerous duotone illustrations, maps, appendices, bibliography, index, board, Bangkok, 1996. Item #2561
ISBN: 1878529196

Originally published and privately issued as Album of the weapons, tools, ornaments, articles of dress of natives of the Pacific islands in 3 albums entitled "series" during 1890-1898, this limited-edition reprinted version is considered one-of-a-kind reference for collectors of ethnographical specimens and those who are interested in the subject. This exceptional volume presents drawings of numerous artifacts, as well as information relevant to each individual object, from the peoples of the Pacific Islands, mainly from those of the British colonies such as Australia, Fiji Islands, Cook Islands, and Tahiti. Also included are detailed maps of the Islands, and appendices of related information and bibliography.

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