Hṭi Hoa Mới Vij̣tnam thḅp kỷ 90New Vietnamese Art in the 1990s. Nhu Huong Bui, Hau Tuan:::Bùi Như Hương Tran, Trb̀n Hḅu Tub́n.

Hṭi Hoa Mới Vij̣tnam thḅp kỷ 90
New Vietnamese Art in the 1990s

Bùi Như Hương & Trb̀n Hḅu Tub́n

8.7 x 10.5", 126 pp., numerous color and b/w illustrations, hardcover, Hanoi, 2001. Item #25797

This volume presents a survey of Vietnamese art from the 1990-2000, which is a crucial period where new development in Vietnamese art was ripe and footsteps left by various artists could be seen quite clearly. The texts examine the works by numerous artists from many angles: style distinction, material and technical development and the formation of two new artistic trends, those of installation and performance art.

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