The Anthropology of Taiwanese Society. Emily Martin Ahern, Hill Gates.

The Anthropology of Taiwanese Society

Stanford University Press. 6 x 9.25", xi, 491 pp., bibliography, Character list, index, cloth, d.j., Stanford, 1981. (o.p.; sl wear to d.j., text fine). Item #26633
ISBN: 0804710430

This book deals with the difficult question that faces China anthropologists - in what sense is Taiwan a part of China? Should Taiwan be primarily described as a natural end product of a long cultural tradition (a Chinese province), or should it be primarily described as a product of external factors (a small, rapidly developing society with the world's densest population, uniquely situated in the world economy)? For other anthropologists, the volume contains data and analysis that pertain to many current problems: the relationship between ethnicity and social class, the role of historical factors in anthropological explanation, the interaction between religious activities and state control, and the interplay between national and local political and economic systems.

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