Asian Folklore Studies Volume XLII-1 1983. Anthropological Institute.

Asian Folklore Studies Volume XLII-1 1983

Nanzan University. 7.2 x 10.2", ii, 157 pp., references, paper, Nagoya, 1983. (o.p.; wrinkled margin area p. 81-82, sl bumped upper corner/pages). Item #26783


  • Dhola: A North Indian Folk Genre by Susan S. Wadley
  • Bhojali: Song, Goddess, Friend. A Chhattisgarhi Women's Oral Tradition by Joyce B. Flueckiger
  • Sit Basant: Oral Tale, Sangit, and Kissa by Frances W. Pritchett
  • The Emerging Sololist: Kavvali in Bhatgaon by Donald Brenneis
  • Indian Folk Traditions and the Modern Theatre by Kathryn Hansen
  • The Origin of the Ganapati Cult by S.M. Michael
  • Outer Marks, Inner Grace: Flannery O'Connor's Tatooed Christ by David R. Mayer
  • 13 Book Reviews.

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