Asian Folklore Studies Volume XLII-2 1983. Anthropological Institute.

Asian Folklore Studies Volume XLII-2 1983

Nanzan University. 7.2 x 10.2", ii, pp. 159 to 319, b/w illustrations, notes, references, paper, Nagoya, 1983. Item #26784


  • The Myth of the Descent of the Heavenly Grandson by Takeshi Matsumae
  • The Fate of Nagoya's Mechanical Festival Floats by Mami Tajima
  • Tossing the Tiger: Performance in the Malay Wayang by Richard M. Swiderski
  • Chinese Religion in Malaysia: A General View by Chee-Beng Tan
  • Indian Numskull Tales by Lalita Handoo
  • Research Note: Topics of New Guinea Legends by John Z'graggen
  • 16 Book Reviews.

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