Apollo November 1983 Volume CXVII No. 261. Apollo.

Apollo November 1983 Volume CXVII No. 261

9.25 x 12", 83 pp. of adv., pp. 360 to 459, fully illustrated, some in color, paper, London, 1983. (o.p.; rubbed spine/corners). Item #28331


  • John D. Rockefeller 3rd and Asian Art by Allen Wardwell
  • Pre-Pala and Pala Period Sculptures in The Rockerfeller Collection by Susan L. Huntington
  • Interrelations in a Group of South-East Asian Sculptures by Hiram W. Woodward
  • Figures in a Mountain Landscape: An Attribution to Lou Guan by Robert D. Mowry
  • The Sophistication of Song Dynasty Ceramics by Robert D. Mowry
  • Style and Symbolism in Underglaze-decorated Chinese Porcelain by Margaret Medley
  • A Note on Chola Bronzes by Mahrukh Tarapor
  • Three Essays on Himalayan Metal Images by John C. Huntington
  • The Perfection of Japanese Sculpture by John M. Rosenfield
  • Notable Japanese Ceramics by Julia Meech-Pekarik.

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