The Chinese Scholar's Desk. Nigel Cameron.

The Chinese Scholar's Desk

FormAsia. 4 x 7.25", 99 pp., fully illustrated, mostly in color, cloth, d.j., Hong Kong, 2003. Item #29389
ISBN: 9627283649

To the Chinese scholar, the preparation for recording his thought was as important as the execution. On his desk lay the Four Treasures, the symbols of his calling: paper, brushes, inkslab and ink, so arranged as to inspire the best of his talent. His finely ground and watered ink was the medium for transmitting his message, his brush the conduit through which his spirit flowed on to carefully chosen paper.

Calligraphy in China ranked on a par with painting and poetry, as hallmarks of a man of accomplishment and discriminating taste. From an examination of his desk, and what was arranged upon it, one might gauge the measure of the man. Here one found, in microcosm, a treasury of the finely wrought implements that had given expression to one of the world's greatest civilisations.

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