Bernatzik: Southeast Asia. Hugo Bernatzik.

Bernatzik: Southeast Asia

5 Continents Editions. 9.75 x 11.75", 303 pp., bibliography, appendix, maps, list of illustrations, cloth, d.j., Milan, 2003. Item #29620
ISBN: 8874390440

The final volume in the three-part Hugo Bernatzik series, this book explores the Austrian photographer's compelling work in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. While visiting these regions, Bernatzik was at the height of his powers in terms of technique and artistry from an anthropological perspective.

Bernatzik made two voyages to the region both in the 1930s. The first, undertaken in 1933, was at the end of his lengthy stay in the Pacific. He made an exploration of the island of Bali and made a detailed study of some of the most important rituals and dances. Later, in 1936 and 1937, he travelled to French Indochina, including Burma, Siam, Cambodia and Annam.

The photographs are among the first to show the Ahka and Meau, hill people of northern Siam. These stark black-and-white images capture the human condition and present humanity in a pure light. Southeast Asia is revealed through Bernatzik's eyes, with all its inherent grace and lyrical beauty.

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