Apollo July 1980. Apollo.

Apollo July 1980
Volume CXII No. 221

9.25 x 12", 76 pp. of adv., 70 pages of text, fully illustrated, paper, London, 1980. (o.p.; some wear to cover corners, sl browning). Item #29772


  • Special issue of Asian Art Museum of San Francisco: The Avery Brundage Collection
  • Chinese Lacquerware of the late Medieval Period by Rene-Yon Lefebvre d'Argence
  • Post-T'ang Sculpture in the Asian Art Museum by Diana Turner
  • The World in a Brushstroke: Chinese Landscape Painting by Stephen Little
  • A Cross-Section of Chinese Blue-and-White Porcelains by Clarence F. Shangraw
  • Eighteenth-Century Chinese Cloisonne and Painted Enamels by Clarence F. Shangraw
  • Examples of Botanical Motifs in Chinese Art by Terese Tse Bartholomew.

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