Apollo August 1983. Apollo.

Apollo August 1983
Volume CXVIII No. 258

9.25 x 12", pp. 118 to 182, fully illustrated, some in color, paper, London, 1983. (o.p.; vg). Item #29773


  • The Lure of the Golden Bowl by Denys Sutton
  • China's Artistic Legacy by Thomas Lawton
  • An Individual Taste for Japanese Painting by Yoshiaki Shimizu
  • A Pioneer Collection of Korean Art by Ann Yonemura
  • Colonel Hanna's Indian Paintings by Milo Cleveland Beach
  • Ancient Egpytian Glass from the Dattari Collection by Susan H. Auth
  • Byzantine Art as a Mirror of its Public by Gary Vikan
  • Charles Lang Freer and American Art by DAvid Park Curry
  • The Gold Treasure by Thomas Lawton
  • Notes on Contributors.

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