Apollo March 1996. Apollo.

Apollo March 1996

9.25 x 12", 79 pp. of adv., 66 pp., fully illustrated, some in color, paper, London, 1996. (residue glue mark bottom front cover corner). Item #29775


  • The Gowland Collection in the British Museum: Archaeology in 19th century Japan by Victor Harris
  • A landscape by Fu Baoshi: Traditional painting in modern China by Shelagh Vainker
  • The 'Jing-lar' and republican politics: Drinking, dining and japonisme by Bernard Bumpus
  • A Japanese No robe at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery by Ann Yonemura
  • A Delacroix pastel in Russia: An Arab resting in the open air by Lee Johnson
  • Van Gogh's first sale: A self-portrait in London by Martin Bailey
  • The O'Connell Monument in Dublin: The poltiical and artistic context of a public sculpture by Paula Murphy
  • Robert Adam and Charles Townley: the development of the top-lit sculpture gallery by Ruth Guilding
  • The so-called Paciano master and the Franciscans in Perugia by Dillan Gordon.

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