Legends of the Indus: Five Epic Love Tales from the Indus Valley. Samina Quraeshi.

Legends of the Indus: Five Epic Love Tales from the Indus Valley

Asia Ink, 1/01/05. 8 x 12.75". 256 pp., 154 illustrations, boards, d.j., London, 2005. Item #30297
ISBN: 0953783952

This is the first contemporary scholarly and luxury edition of these popular folktales of the Indian subcontinent. Distinguished author Samina Quraeshi brings to us a magnificently illustrated book with her contemporary text of the five epic love tales of the Indus. The five legends of this book are drawn from the main regions of the Indus Valley, a river and valley that stretch from the Himalayas to the desert sands of the Arabian Sea, through a landscape of breathtaking beauty and contrast. The legends are drawn from the five main regions of the Indus valley:

Adam & Durkhane from the Northwest FrontierSohni & Mahival from the Northern PunjabHeer & Ranjha from the Southern PunjabOmar &Marui from Baluchistan.Sassi & Punnu from Sindh

Throughout the centuries, passed down from generation to generation, the legends are part of the rich and ancient oral tradition of the region which today lies mostly in Pakistan. They were traditionally told for entertainment and education at community and family gatherings by the Bards and storytellers of the region. They were transposed into verse by the great Sufi poets. They were sung by musicians and they served as inspiration for artists and craftsmen. Recently, they have the subject of major Bollywood productions. With this book, Quraeshi follows a long and distinguished artistic tradition. Her inspiring, animated and thoughtful text brings the legends to a contemporary audience.

The legends are beautifully illustrated with miniature Moghul and Pahari paintings from eminent collections, contemporary photographs and textile motifs inspired by the legends.

Heer & Ranjha are the romantic lovers who may well have inspired the story of Romeo & Juliet. Against a backdrop of adventure and passionate love, Adam & Durkhane, Sohni & Mahiwal and Sassi & Punnu transcend the negative social norms thought to be typical of traditional societies that forbid love between rival villages, tribes, clans, cultures or nations. Their message of multicultural harmony comes to us from the past to illumine the future.


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