The Life of Form in Indian Sculpture. Carmel Berkson.

The Life of Form in Indian Sculpture

Abhinav Publications. 5.75 x 8.75", 523 pp., 501 b/w illustrations, glossary, index, cloth, d.j., Delh, 2000. Item #31756
ISBN: 8170173760

Recently, ancient Indian sculpture has entered into the mainstream of world art scholarship and has been approached from many different perspectives. However, little has concretely been said about the creative processes and the universal will to fork structures as it is manifested in the great body of ancient and medieval stone sculpture. In fact, the mental and psychic world of the ancient chief architect and the artists working under his direction and their artistic and aesthetic challenges and solutions have received only scant attention, even though all other considerations become more or less irrelevant if the artist's prime role is neglected or overlooked.

The present study outlines definite criteria for recognizing intrinsic qualities underlying and immanent in all styles and in works of sculpture of major significance, with focus on the interrelationships amongst artist, statue, temple and devotee.

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