Gazetteer of Japanese Place Names

Harvard University Press. 8.75 x 7.5", vi, 225 pp., black cloth, Cambridge, 1942. (o.p.; faint gilt lettering on spine, some browning, text vg). Item #32438

Introduction states this volume is based on the map of the Japanese Empire published in 1937 by the Japanese Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai (Society for International Cultural Relations). It contains about 4500 place names covering Japan proper, Korea (Chosen), Formosa (Taiwan), Kwangtung Leased Territory (Kantoshu), Saghalien (Karafuto), and the Japanese Mandated Islands, but does not include Manchuria (Manchukuo) or other territory recently occupied by Japan in China or elsewhere. Of these place names, approximately one-third (1500) are the names of purely geographical features: mountains, rivers, islands, capes, bays, etc.

The gazetteer consists of two list of Japanese place names, one in Romaji script (i.e., using the Latin alphabet) based on the Hepburn system of transliteration, the other in the Sino-Japanese characters. The Romaji section is arranged in the regular alphabetical order, the character list in the traditional Chinese dictionary order based on radical and stroke. Both list deal with the same places.

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