Traditional Japanese Arts and Culture (Hardcover). Stephen Addiss, Gerald Groemer, J. Thomas Rimer.

Traditional Japanese Arts and Culture (Hardcover)

University of Hawaii Press. 6.25 x 9.5", xiii, 253 pp., 37 color plates, b/w illustrations, map, suggested further readings in Western languages, bibliography, index, cloth, Honolulu, 2006. Item #32747
ISBN: 082482878X

Japanese artists, musicians, actors, and authors have written much over the centuries about the creation, meaning, and appreciation of various arts. Most of these works, however, are scattered among countless hard-to-find sources or make only a fleeting appearance in books devoted to other subjects.

Compiled in this volume is a wealth of original material on Japanese arts and culture from the prehistoric era to the Meiji Restoration (1867). These carefully selected sources, including many translated here for the first time, are placed in their historical context and outfitted with brief commentaries, allowing the reader to make connections to larger concepts and values found in Japanese culture.


  • Early Japan: The Jomon, Yayoi, Tumulus, Asuka and Nara Periods
  • Courtly Japan: The Heian Period and After
  • Samurai Japan: The Kamakura and Muromachi Periods
  • Merchant Japan: The Momoyama and Edo (Tokugawa) Periods.

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