La Palais du printemps: Peintures erotiques de Chine. James Cahill, Andre Levy, Anne Kerlan-Stephens, Cedric Laurent, Eric Lefebvre.

La Palais du printemps: Peintures erotiques de Chine

Paris Musees. 8.25 x 10.5", 255 pp., fully illustrated in color, index, glossary, text in French, paper, Paris, 2006. Item #32856
ISBN: 2879009359

Chinese erotic painting, unlike the Japanese painting, popularized by the prints, remains an art little known. Called in China 'images of the palate of spring', the erotic paintings presented in this work invites one to contemplation as well as analysis. Painted rollers and sheets of albums are shelled in episodes, introducing the spectator into the literary atmosphere of China of Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) which is also the golden age of the novel while the cross approach of studies of the literature and the history of art causes multiple questions. What happens to the naked one and erotized body? Does this definition vary in the context of relations hitiro and homosexual? Who were the authors and the sleeping partners of these paintings? Which type of social reports/ratios underlie this sexual intercourse? Which place occupy these works within Chinese art? As many problems which can nourish an aesthetic and sociological reflexion.

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