The Qur'an: An Introduction. Mohammad Abu-Hamdiyyah.

The Qur'an: An Introduction

Routledge. 5.5 x 8.5", x, 136 pp., appendix, notes, index, paper, New York, 2001. Item #34370
ISBN: 0415225094

This is the first book that deals with the Qurianic discourses from two essential perspectives. First, the book examines the development and evolution of the concept of deity in the ancient Near East, with particular attention paid to that in the Hebrew Bible and Christology from a historical perspective. Second, the book explores the Qur'anic message from the perspective of modern knowledge.

Dr. Abu-Hamdiyyah presents a distinctive, fresh and accessible introduction to the Qur'an, enabling students and the wider public to understand the various components of the Qur'an's message: the concept of God, the position of mankind in this world, the purpose of life, the guidance provided, the absolute freedom of choice, the tools needed to discern the right course in life and finally the responsiblity that goes with the freedom of choice.

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