Indian Aphrodisiacs. Dr. Bhagwan Dash, Suhasini Ramaswamy.

Indian Aphrodisiacs

Lustre Press. 6.25 x 9.25", 84 pp., fully illustrated in color, illustrated boards, d.j., New Delhi, 2001. (o.p.; sl wear to d.j., text fine). Item #34509
ISBN: 8174360956

Ancient Indian texts recognized the paramount importance of the study of sex in all its aspects - procreation and physical gratification of both partners being the primary goals. They allocated entire sections to therapies which included drugs, diet, aphrodisiacs and regiment - a sine qua non for sexual fulfilment.


  • Sexual Fulfilment: Elixir for a Harmonious Life
  • The Indian View of Sex
  • Sterility and Impotence
  • Types of Aphrodisiacs
  • Aphrodisiac Recipes
  • Plants, Herbs and Substances Used as Aphrodisiacs.

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