Indigenous Peoples of Asia. R. H. Barnes, Andrew Gray, Benedict Kingsbury.

Indigenous Peoples of Asia

Association for Asian Studies. 6 x 9", xii, 539 pp., b/w figures, maps, tables, contributors, notes, references, index, paper, Ann Arbor, 1995. (o.p.; fine). Item #34578
ISBN: 0924304154


  • Introduction by R.H. Barnes
  • "Indigenous Peoples" as an International Legal Concept by Benedict Kingsbury
  • The Indigenous Movement in Asia by Andrew Gray
  • Indigenous People's Rights and Sustainable Resources Use in South and Southeast Asia by Marcus Colchester
  • Indigenous People of Asian Russia by Jens Dahl
  • "Lost Innocents and the Loss of Innocence": Interpreting Adivasi Movements in South Asia by Crispin Bates
  • The Invention of the "Jummas": State Formation and Ethnicity in Southeastern Bangladesh by Willem van Schendel
  • Ethnicity and the National Question in Pakistan: The Example of Baluchistan by Helen Vacher
  • Nepal, Indigenous Issues and Civil Rights: The Plight of the Rana Tharu by Harold O. Skar
  • Minority Nationality in China: Policy and Practice by Nicholas Tapp
  • A State of Strife: The Indigenous People of Burma by Martin Smith
  • Central Highlanders of Vietnam by Grant Evans
  • The Indigenous People of Peninsular Malaysia: Its Now or Too Late by Signe Howell
  • Indigenous Peoples and Land Rights in Sarawak, Malaysia: To Be or Not To Be a Bumiputra by Victor T. King
  • Being Indigenous in Eastern Indonesia by R. H. Barnes
  • The Emergence of a Nationalist Movement in East Timor by John G. Taylor
  • Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines: Between Segregation and Integration by Charles MacDonald
  • Report on the Human Rights Situation of Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples by Alliance of Taiwan Aborigines, I. Chiang and Lava Kau
  • Practicing Ethnicity in a Hierarchical Culture: The Ainu Case by Katarina Sjoberg.

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