Civil Law in Qing and Republican China (Hardcover). Kathryn Bernhardt, Philip C. C. Huang.

Civil Law in Qing and Republican China (Hardcover)

Stanford University Press. 6.25 x 9.25", xii, 340 pp., tables, notes, bibliography, Character list, index, cloth, d.j., Stanford, 1994. Item #34597
ISBN: 0804722749

The opening of local archives to Western scholars in the 1980s has provided the basis for this reexamination of civil law in Qing and Republican China. This pathbreaking volume demonstrates that, contrary to previous scholarly understanding, Qing and Republican courts dealt extensively with such civil matters as land rights, debt, marriage, and inheritance, and did so with striking consistency and in conformity with the written code.


  • Civil Law in Qing and Republican China: The Issues by Kathryn Bernhardt and Philip C.C. Huang
  • Civil "Law" in Traditional China: History and Theory by Hugh T. Scogin, Jr.
  • Civil and Uncivil Dispsutes in Southeast Coastal China, 1723-1820 by Melissa A. Maccauley
  • Code, Culture, and Custom: Foundations of Civil Case Verdicts in a Nineteenth-Century County Court by Mark A. Allee
  • Codified Law and Magisterial Adjudication in the Qing by Philip C.C. Huang
  • Women and the Law: Divorce in the Republican Period by Kathryn Bernhardt
  • Lawyers and the Legal Profession During the Republican Period by Alison W. Conner
  • Merchant Dispute Mediation in Twentieth-Century Zigong, Sichuan by Madeleine Zelin.

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