Gugong Bowuyuan Yuankan 2007.04
Palace Muuseum Journal 2007.04

Palace Museum. 8.5 x 11.5", 162 pp., fully illustrated, text in Chinese with an English summary, paper, Beijing, 2007. Item #34709


  • A study of the types of timber used in the Hall of Martial Valour (Wuying Dian) Group of buildings and matching them by Palace Museum Timber Materials Industry Research Group of the Science Academy of Forestry
  • A study of the large timber construction work at the Hall of Supreme Harmony (Taihe Dian) in the 34th Year of the Kangxi Emperor (1695) by Zhang Xueqin, Liu Chang
  • A tentative discussion of the periods in the development of the Ming Palace and the Special characteristics of each phase by Zhao Zhongnan
  • Textual research on historical facts of the Merchant ship from Suzhou to Japan in the early Qing dynasty by Jing Xiaoyan
  • The arts of gouging images and incising gold in ancient Chinese lacquer-wor by Fu Juyou
  • Several tyles of paper bearing dating details from the Qing dynasty by Wu Chuyan
  • A study of the modes of management used to produce Bronze Vessels in the Han dynasty and their development as seen from inscriptions by Wu Xiaoping
  • An examination of a Bronze mirror erroneously identified as a Song dynasty example by Lu Yan
  • An outline study of a rubbing of the Jin dynasty Spirit Way Stele of Wanyan Xiyin by Qin Ming
  • A study of the Question of the 'Ingot pattern' on Chunhua Ge tie by Yin Yimei
  • The Ming dynasty Fanfu (Princely Mansion) block edition of Lanting xu (Illustration of Orchid Pavilion) and its evolution by Wang Yi.

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