Journey Through Pakistan. Mohamed Amin, Duncan Willetts, Graham Hancock.

Journey Through Pakistan

Camerapix Publishers International. 9.5 x 12.5", 255 pp., profusely illustrated in color, cloth, d.j., Nairobi, 1986. (o.p.; sl wear to d.j., text near fine). Item #34759
ISBN: 0370304896

Modern Pakistan, born in 1947 out of the ashes of Imperial India, has inherited the beauties of its ancient past. Physically a dramatic country, it boast 8 of the world's ten hightest peaks, including the breath-taking K2. Here, in the permanent snow and frost of the far north, giant glaciers spill down the mountain slopes, melting at lower altitudes and filling the gorges below with raging torrents of white water.

Journey through Pakistan follows the course of the river as it passes through lovely isolated valleys, through rich and fertile plains and past cities as varied as Multan, old when Alexander passed this way, and Karachi, a modern port of six million people that can trace its origns back barely a century.

The country's history and diversity is reflected in the faces and cultures of the people: the proud and warlike Pathans of the North-West Frontier, for so long the scourge of successive invaders; the gentle, retiring Baltis and Kohistanis of the north; the tough farmers of the central plains and the merchants and businessmen of the growing cities.

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