The Junkman Smiles. G. R. G. Worcester.

The Junkman Smiles

Chatto & Windus. 5.75 x 9", 254 pp., 6 b/w plates, b/w illustrations, map on endpapers, cloth, London, 1959. (o.p.; ). Item #35754

Mr. Worcester was for many years in the River Inspectorate of the Chinese Maritime Customs. His work of river surveying took him almost all over Central China, and in the course of his career he also visited Southern China and Formosa for the purpose of observing the local junks. He thus became eventually a specialist on nautical research in China. The Junkman Smiles embraces his rich affection for Chinese life in all its abundance, color and variety.

His study of the junk, and his interest in the way the junkmen and fishermen lived, led him into a series of hair-raising advetnures; indeed, throughout the years he was in China he was involved in dangerous predicaments, for his homes were periodically burnt or looted by bandits, and he was eventually bombed and captured by the Japanese.

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